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Borrowing a flavor pair from Rob Marais' Dutch Tulip, I took the round spicyness of Bols Barrel Aged Genever and paired it with apricot, then tried to accent it with other appropriate flavors.

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Dan commented on 2/23/2012:

How does the Bols aged genever differ from the regular one in the clear bottle? Would this recipe work with the regular one?


I have them both now - the Barrel Aged is new to Texas, and comes in a frosted bottle. It's less malty (which I think is the wood influence removing malt flavors like in Scotch), definitely spicy, but with my limited trials of the stuff, I think you need a lot of it to make an impact in a drink.

You could sub the regular Bols genever, but maybe add a barspoon of Bowmore to mimic the wood and spice.