Studio One

2 oz Light rum, Plantation 3 Star
12 oz Tonic water syrup
14 oz Demerara syrup
2 sli Lime (eighths, muddled)
1 12 oz Soda water
1 ds Bitters, Angostura
Muddle limes, Build in shaker, shake and roll then top with soda water and garnish with a piece of sugar cane.
From other users
  • I suppose with the sugarcane this would be more exciting. A fine drink, but gin goes better with tonic, and rum is more interesting in other drinks. — ☆☆☆
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Sasquatch's picture

Hey Zach, That will certainly

Hey Zach,
That will certainly work, I have added a few of my own tweaks onto his base and I like using some more allspice, some demerara in addition to the agave, and a certain kind of whole chinchona bark that I get from Rod at Rare Tea Cellars here in Chicago. (Right now I am using up some Jack Rudy Tonic syrup that I inherited here, which is good but I like making my own) Part of the fun is the allspice in the syrup and I bag the sugarcane garnish sticks with allspice and lime peel syrup. Also the lime pieces are muddling eigths which may or may not yield more juice than most lime slices.


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Kyle, The drink looks awesome


The drink looks awesome - like the best parts of a G&T and a Mojito ran into each other. This is at the top of the list once it cracks 70 here - which may be May ;)