1 oz Orgeat
3⁄4 oz Lemon juice
1⁄2 oz Rye, Rittenhouse 100

Shake, double strain, cocktail glass, no garnish.


Yes, that's 1 full ounce of bitters, 44% ABV.


This was a riff on the Trinidad Especial from Valentino Bolognese, which also has an entry here.

Cocktail summary
Created by
Giuseppe Gonzalez, Clover Club, Brooklyn, NY
Is an
altered recipe
4 stars
4.5 stars
(48 ratings)
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From other users
  • Superb. Had this at Attaboy in response to request for a drink where "a large proportion of the drink should be bitters." Ours was 1.5oz bitters that looked the recipe on Cocktail Virgin. Bigger drink I guess.
  • One of the greatest cocktails of all time.
  • Oh, tasty. I added egg whites. Visually gorgeous.
  • Paula Garner Rec
  • Complex and balanced. Wonderful aftertaste.
  • fuck yeah.
  • Excellent. I was afraid of it before I tried it, but it's amazing.
  • Classic sour combo of flavors. Unexpectedly nice. Lots of christmas spices. Added scant 1/4 oz aged rum for a little more roundness. Taste merits a 4 but it is a unique enough flavor that people will probably love it or ha
  • Very spicy and delicious. Not particularly bitter — ★★★★★
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Dan commented on 11/22/2010:

So that's why they make Angostura in those huge bottles...

A fantastic drink - the orgeat barely holds off the Angostura's bitterness, and opens it up nicely. I can't figure out why the Rye's there, but this is a winner of a counterintuitive drink.

I decided to try this since I have this newly found surplus of homemade orgeat... Absolutely delicious, 5/5. Orgeat finishes cocktails in the same way a nice Picada finishes a Spanish seafood stew.

Casey commented on 7/30/2013:

Fantastic. I need to go buy some some extra bottles of Angostura.

The Trinidad Sour I know and love includes an egg white. Mmm...

bza commented on 5/26/2014:

The Trinidad sour you know and love is wrong.

Yum! I like it--it's kinda like a vacation in a cold glass.

Also great with lime subbed for lemon and Smith & Cross subbed for Rittenhouse.

Reminds me of a full-bodied falernum which probably makes sense given the lemon and almond notes it should have, this is a 10/10, unbelievable!