1 oz Gin, The Botanist
12 oz Tawny port
14 oz Dry vermouth, Dolin
14 oz Absinthe, Kübler
12 oz Lemon juice
1   Egg white
3   Raspberry
2 bsp Fine sugar (vanilla)
2 dr Bitters, Angostura
Muddle the raspberries in the shaker with the sugar. Shake all ingredients except bitters without ice. Give it another shake with ice. Strain into a coupé. Garnish with a couple drops of bitters. I think sweetness could be tweaked to taste. Maybe slightly more or less sugar.
Vanilla sugar: I split half a vanilla bean and put it in to 8 ounces of superfine sugar and let it sit for a week or so (honestly, I don't take the vanilla out).
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