3⁄4 oz Cynar
1⁄2 oz Lime juice
1⁄2 oz Cinnamon syrup
1 twst Grapefruit peel (as garnish)

Shake, strain, coupe, garnish

Cocktail summary
Created by
Chris Lane, Lolinda, San Francisco
Is an
authentic recipe
Not yet rated
4 stars
(28 ratings)
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From other users
  • Nice combo, but cinnamon dominates. I lowered cinnamon to 1/4 oz which was better. I also added 1/2 oz mezcal cuz I like it a bit smoky ;) — ★★★★
  • Agree with others about reducing the cinnamon syrup.
  • A bit too spiced. — ★★★
  • Intense cinnamon. I might cut back a tad, add more grapefruit somehow. This goes into summer rotation... — ★★★★
  • Tequila- bitter, sour, cinnamon
  • Made with Becherovka in place of cinnamon syrup. Grapefruit predominates. Terrific zingy finish. ETA: great with cinnamon syrup too! — ★★★★★
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Wow, this changes every sip, it seems. Love it!