Faux Fruit

Pronounced with a French accent to sound like pot pourri. The name emphasizes that the cocktail tastes like fruits which are not actually in the drink.
1 oz Rye, Old Overholt
1 oz Cynar
34 oz Lemon juice
14 oz Rich simple syrup 2:1
1 oz Egg white (Optional)
5 dr Bitters, Angostura (If using egg white, for garnish)
Add all ingredients except bitters to a shaker. If employing egg white, dry shake, then add ice and wet shake. Double strain into a coupe/low-ball. Add drops of bitters in a circle and use a straw or pick to create a flowery pattern. Serve.
Inspired by 50/50s of Overholt and Cynar served by Olivia at sycamore. in Newton, MA.
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