Orange Twist (wide)
Lemon Twist (wide)

Stir all the ingredients aside from the twists
in an ice filled shaker glass.
Strain into a double old fashioned glass over ice.
Add orange and lemon twists.

Cocktail summary
Created by
Brian Miller, Death and Company (NYC)
Is an
authentic recipe

Death and Co. pg. 270

Not yet rated
4 stars
(38 ratings)
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From other users
  • Friends like it
  • 5/18/19: Made a riff with WT 101, Lairds BIB, Courvoisier VS, S&C, 1 tsp 2:1 turbinado, 2 dashes Ango, lemon peel. Would like to try peach brandy in place of the apple brandy.
  • Fine, but less than the sum of its parts. Would rate it a 3 if it used fewer ingredients.
  • Want to try!
  • Autumn Cocktails
  • Boozy and subtle. ETA: subbed a nice pisco for cognac and liked it that way too. Toasted marshmallows.
  • Really delicious.
  • Complex and interesting, a good drink for a whiskey / brown spirits lover. Bitters add nice depth. Used agave in lieu of Demerara — ★★★★
  • Go strong on the bitters, esp chocolate.
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I was pretty sure I'd like this one, but I also served it to someone whose idea of a cocktail requires soda (granted, he needed a strong drink). It really melded beautifully--the spiciness of the rye and sweet fruitiness of the calvados come to the forefront, made richer by the chocolate bitters.

We really liked this cocktail. We used Rye and Bourbon - Bulleit, Prunier VS Cognac, Clear Creek Pomme, Bitter Truth Mole Bitters for the original and thought it was just damn delightful.
Looking to do a punch version for possible fall menu consideration. Any thoughts or suggestions? Especially a beautiful garnish...would love to get our pastry chef involved.