3⁄4 oz Rhum Agricole, Rhum JM (VSOP)
1⁄2 oz Overproof rum (Barrell Jamaica batch 1)
2⁄3 oz Cane syrup

Shake it until hands feel glued to the tins, then immediately strain, no garnish.


The Barrell rum is Jamaican pot still rum, aged for 7 years in previously used bourbon barrels and bottled at cask strength - 134.73 proof.

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Joaquín Simó
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authentic recipe
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Curated this - changed the last rum to the correct spec in the article. Not that a lot of people are going to have it. Maybe a Velier Hampden - S&C isn't aged enough. Thanks,  Zachary

Used for the overproof rum a white agricole rum (Longueteau 62%) with great results despite being unaged.

It brings minerality and freshness to the mix.