1 3⁄4 oz Dark rum (Plantation original dark)
1⁄2 oz Ginger syrup
1⁄2 oz Orgeat
1⁄2 oz Honey syrup
4 ds Islay Scotch (Peated...)

Shake, strain, old fashioned glass with ice.
Garnish with candied ginger, lemon wheel and pineapple leaf.


Very nice drink and interaction of orgeat and ginger.
A bit sweet according to me BUT:

I do not have a proper dark rum...
Tried several times the recipe (5 times at least), once with el Dorado 15 and another with a high proof Guatemalan (Botran) rum bottled by a french retailer.
Tried with laprhroig and lagavulin 16.
And lemon and lime.
Also changing Honey for brown sugar rich simple.

Version with El Dorado, lime, brown sugar and Lagavulin appears to me to be much better.

I also used a homemade ginger liqueur instead of ginger syrup.

10 oz vodka+ 5 oz chopped candied ginger.
10 days infusion.

Maybe my rums were too sweet.
Rum could easily be uped to 2 oz or 2 1/4 and/or using a higher proof dark rum.
Shaking time could be also longer or better use crushed ice in the glass instead of cubes...

Cocktail summary
Created by
Scotty Schuder, Dirty Dick, France, Paris
Is an
authentic recipe
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