2 12 oz Martinique Rum, La Favorite Blanc
12 oz Demerara Rum, Lemon Hart 151
1 34 oz Ginger beer
1 oz Demerara syrup (1:1)
12 oz Green Chartreuse
34 oz Lime juice
2 ds Bitters, Angostura
18 t Hot sauce, Cholula
1 pn Nutmeg
Shake all (including nutmeg) and strain into a Tiki mug over fresh ice. Garnish with more nutmeg and a carved lime wedge pinned with three red and three black cocktail picks so it resembles a voodoo doll.
Pegu Club's ginger beer is dry, intense, and un-carbonated.
From other users
  • Ginger beer, chartreuse, and hot sauce dominate. Certainly doesn't taste like 3 oz. rum! Considerable substitutions (Rhum JM, Hamilton rum, Tabasco) — ☆☆☆☆
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