Swizzle and Buck

1 12 oz Jamaican rum, Appleton Reserve
1 oz Aveze
12 oz Apricot liqueur, Rothman & Winter
1 oz Lemon juice (scant; 7/8 oz)
34 oz Agave syrup
2 ds Allspice Dram, St. Elizabeth
1 14 oz Ginger beer, Maine Root
4 ds Bitters, Angostura (4-5)
2 spg Mint (one as garnish)
Muddle the leaves of one mint sprig, add all ingredients but ginger beer and bitters to an ice-packed Collins glass, swizzle to chill. Top with ginger beer and bitters, garnish with a lemon coin and a slapped sprig of mint.
Finalist in the AVÈZE First Annual Day Drinking Cocktail Competition.
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