Jack White's Girlfriend

1 12 oz Spiced Rum, Sailor Jerry
12 oz Campari
14 oz Ginger liqueur, Domaine de Canton
1 oz Ginger shrub (see note)
12 oz Orange juice
5 dr Bitters, Bittermens Burlesque
1 sli Orange peel
1 twst Orange peel (as garnish)
In an ice filled cocktail shaker, add liquor, shrub, juice, orange peel and bitters and shake until well chilled. Strain and pour into a chilled martini glass, and garnish with a twist of orange. **you can add a splash of lemon juice to the drink if you prefer a brighter cocktail
*for any cold-process shrub: mix equal parts fruit/peel/herb with sugar and apple cider/red wine vinegar; let stand in a mason jar at room temp for 2 days, strain and re-jar; refrigerate for two weeks and keep for 6 months +
The majority of the ingredients in this drink are on the sweeter ends of their respective profiles, but the wonderful vinegar acidity of the shrub rounds the flavor out well.
2011 Kindred Cocktails
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