Seven Oaks

23 oz Jamaican rum, Appleton V/X
23 oz Grand Marnier
2 t Lime juice
2 t Allspice Dram, St. Elizabeth
1 ds Bitters, Fee Brothers Molasses
1 ds Bitters, Angostura
1 spg Thyme (as garnish)
1 twst Lime peel (as garnish)
Shake in cocktail shaker with cracked ice. Garnish with twist of lime peel and sprig of Thyme.
Smack Thyme to release aroma.
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Curated this: added garnishes

Curated this: added garnishes. Added new ingredient, Fee Brothers Molasses Bitters. As an aside, adding the "creator" and "date created" fields is helpful.  Thanks,  Zachary