Black Forest Cocktail

2 oz Bourbon, Elijah Craig
12 oz Cherry Liqueur, Rothman and Winter
14 oz Allspice Dram, St. Elizabeth
2 ds Aztec Chocolate bitters, Fee Brothers
1 twst Orange peel (or Luxardo cherry, as garnish)
Stir all ingredients with ice. Serve up. Garnish with orange peel and/or Luxardo cherry.
Not as sweet as one might think.
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A great cocktail for bourbon

A great cocktail for bourbon lovers. I had to scramble for ingredients. Lacking Elijah Craig Bourbon (it got finished off last November) I reached for Woodford Reserve. And lacking R & W cherry liqueur, I grabbed for Luxardo liqueur. Together, these ingredients made this wonderful libation. But, I suspect that Black Forest Cocktail would have been in the 4.0 range had I the called for ingredients. As it was, I rated Black Forest Cocktail 4.5 with what I could pull down from my shelves. A great cocktail, regardless!


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I think Rothman and Winter

It's worth noting for the record that Rothman and Winter cherry liqueur and Luxardo maraschino liqueur are radically different in flavor profile (though either might well work in this drink!).

I used Cherry Heering because

I used Cherry Heering because ... it was there. Not bad, but we felt it needed something to round it out a little. Maybe turn it into a flip with a whole egg?