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Blanco tequila, Tamarind syrup, Lemon juice
JULY 24, 2013
Rye, Herbal liqueur, Cynar, Crème de Cacao
JULY 23, 2013
Blanco tequila, Gran Classico, Crème Yvette, Mezcal, Blackberry, Lime juice, Hellfire Habanero Shrub, Agave syrup
JUNE 7, 2013
Tequila, Amaro Montenegro, Byrrh
MAY 24, 2013
Rum, Aromatized wine, Salers Gentiane, Aperol, Crème Yvette
APRIL 16, 2013
Rum, Cognac, Bonal Gentiane Quina, Peach liqueur, Bitters
APRIL 11, 2013
Rum, Maraschino Liqueur, Bitters, Lime juice, Orange juice, Grapefruit juice, Rich simple syrup 2:1
FEBRUARY 1, 2013
Herbal liqueur, Cynar, Lime juice, Rich simple syrup 2:1
JANUARY 26, 2013
Kirschwasser, Sweet vermouth, Prosecco, Pear liqueur, Bitters
JANUARY 20, 2013
Amaro Montenegro, Calvados, Sweet vermouth, Herbal liqueur, Allspice Dram, Orange peel

A Spontaneous Libation for your Consideration

Nashville Spring

2 oz Rye
1⁄2 oz Aromatized wine, Cocchi Americano Rosa
1⁄2 oz Cynar
1⁄2 oz Scotch
1 spg Rosemary
1 twst Cucumber
1 sli Cucumber
1 sli Orange

Muddle the slices of orange and cucumber, with part of rosemary in shaker. Add ice and rest of ingredients. Shake well. Pour over large piece of ice. Garnish with rest of rosemary and cuke twist.


Earthy, refreshing, slightly boozy.

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Recent Discussion

  • Re Right Hand, 14 hours ago Cara A commented:

    I made this with Flor de Caña 4 year Añejo Oreo, Carpano Antica, Campari, and Fee Brothers Aztec Chocolate bitters. The Campari dominates a little too much up front, but the other flavors come through at the end. I might sub in Amer Picon for the Campari.

  • Re Bananarac, 3 days 10 hours ago Zachary Pearson commented:

    I'm drinking one of these right now, and I'd rather have an actual Sazerac. The lack of rye punch means the banana has nothing to bridge (banana liqueur is a lot like Cynar in my mind - a good harmonizer of flavors but difficult to make the centerpiece of a drink), and I'm really missing the absinthe + Peychauds accord. Thanks, Zachary

  • Re Banana Daiquiri No. 2, 3 days 12 hours ago Craig E commented:

    Curated to change simple to ginger syrup per link and to add garnish to ingredient list.

  • Re Disco Ball, 4 days 8 hours ago lesliec commented:

    A very intetesting (good!) flavour mix. Lemon zest does it no harm.

  • Re Japanese Cocktail, 4 days 11 hours ago Zachary Pearson commented:

    There's a curation request for this drink to revert it to the original specs (hopefully someone can source the Bogart's Bitters!), which are 2 brandy, 1/2 oz (=1 Tablespoon) orgeat, 4 dashes (= 1/2 teaspoon) bitters and some lemon peel. If there are no complaints, I'll fix this tomorrow. Thanks, Zachary