1 1⁄2 oz Campari
3⁄4 oz Orgeat
1⁄2 oz Curaçao
1 spg Mint (as garnish)

Shake and strain into an Old Fashioned glass over crushed ice, garnish with a mint sprig.

Cocktail summary
Posted by nick on 3/05/2011
Created by
Jeremy Oertel, Brooklyn's Dram, NY
Is an
authentic recipe
5 stars
4 stars
(52 ratings)
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From other users
  • Undrinkably sweet as-written.
  • Boozy, wonderful, tiki like.
  • This is awesome. The bitterness pairs so well with the sourness and the hogo of the S&C.
  • A bit on the sweet side with Campari, but in the category of sweet drinks, excellent.
  • Drinking this variation almost makes the pain from the cold headache one of the ingredients... and it somehow makes the drink more delicious. This is the best variation on a classic I've ever had.
  • Very interesting, tasty. Was almost out of Campari. did some research and sub'ed a bit. Will try again when I have campari
  • Cynar
  • Try with 1 oz rum
  • Sweet, then quite bitter and dry, with hogo everpresent. Nearly too bitter but the finish is intriguing.
  • (scant) 1.5 Cynar/1 oz Doorly's 5/.75 Dillon Rhum/.75 Homemade Orgeat/.75 lime/.25 Creole Shrubb. Wow. Almost like tropical punch. Really good. Mint garnish is important.
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Interesting drink! I thought it would be too sweet given the ratio of sweet to sour, but the bitterness balances everything out nicely. Fairly bitter, but also super-smooth. I'm a fan.

Dan commented on 8/17/2012:

This is a fabulous cocktail -- a modern Hall of Fame contender. You have to get your head around the Italian amaro + tropical flavors juxtaposition. Once your mind settles down, it's a wonderful combination of flavors. The Smith & Cross is essential to have enough funk (and alcohol heat) to pull it off. It is a touch sweet, but even I (the hater of all overly-sweet drinks) love is as written. You could up the lime a bit, or scale back the Curacao, if desired.

Agree. It's my wife's absolute fave; I have to make it at least three times a week. Five stars all the way.

Tried this tonight, and really liked it. I'd agree that it's unbalanced toward the sweet side (Campari + orgeat + curacao is a lot of sweet!) - I think that the next try will be with 1/4 curacao and 1/4 Ango orange to cut the sweetness, which should also enhance the bitter of the Campari somewhat.



A party hit! Just the right amount of bitter from the campari. I subbed out the curaçao with grand marnier.

Really nice. Tried it with both the campari and the cynar. Cynar version edged out the campari version in our household. I used Pierre Ferrand dry curacao as well. 

Good stuff. Made with Appleton Estate, PF dry curacao, and Gran Classico. For shaking I picked a couple pineapple sage leaves off my plant and threw them in the shaker.