Bitter Mai Tai

1 12 oz Campari
34 oz Jamaican rum, Smith & Cross
1 oz Lime juice
34 oz Orgeat
12 oz Curaçao
1 spg Mint (as garnish)
Shake and strain into an Old Fashioned glass over crushed ice, garnish with a mint sprig.
From other users
  • Quite bitter, and a bit odd. The combination of the expected sweet / tropical Mai Tai flavors with the bright bitter citrus Campri is somewhat jarring. Still very good. Jeff loved it. — ☆☆☆☆
  • I made this with Cynar instead of Campari. The bitter does a good job of balancing the sweet, with a nice hit of funky rum flavor from the S&C. — ☆☆☆☆
  • Very good with Cynar as well. — ☆☆☆☆☆
  • Sweet, then quite bitter and dry, with hogo everpresent. Nearly too bitter but the finish is intriguing. — ☆☆☆☆
  • (scant) 1.5 Cynar/1 oz Doorly's 5/.75 Dillon Rhum/.75 Homemade Orgeat/.75 lime/.25 Creole Shrubb. Wow. Almost like tropical punch. Really good. Mint garnish is important. — ☆☆☆☆
  • Try with 1 oz rum
  • Very interesting, tasty. Was almost out of Campari. did some research and sub'ed a bit. Will try again when I have campari — ☆☆☆
  • Cynar
  • Drinking this variation almost makes the pain from the cold headache one of the ingredients... and it somehow makes the drink more delicious. This is the best variation on a classic I've ever had. — ☆☆☆☆☆
  • A bit on the sweet side with Campari, but in the category of sweet drinks, excellent. — ☆☆☆☆☆
  • This is awesome. The bitterness pairs so well with the sourness and the hogo of the S&C. — ☆☆☆☆☆
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Interesting drink! I thought

Interesting drink! I thought it would be too sweet given the ratio of sweet to sour, but the bitterness balances everything out nicely. Fairly bitter, but also super-smooth. I'm a fan.

This is a fabulous cocktail

This is a fabulous cocktail -- a modern Hall of Fame contender. You have to get your head around the Italian amaro + tropical flavors juxtaposition. Once your mind settles down, it's a wonderful combination of flavors. The Smith & Cross is essential to have enough funk (and alcohol heat) to pull it off. It is a touch sweet, but even I (the hater of all overly-sweet drinks) love is as written. You could up the lime a bit, or scale back the Curacao, if desired.

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Agree. It's my wife's

Agree. It's my wife's absolute fave; I have to make it at least three times a week. Five stars all the way.

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Tried this tonight, and

Tried this tonight, and really liked it. I'd agree that it's unbalanced toward the sweet side (Campari + orgeat + curacao is a lot of sweet!) - I think that the next try will be with 1/4 curacao and 1/4 Ango orange to cut the sweetness, which should also enhance the bitter of the Campari somewhat.



Really nice. Tried it with

Really nice. Tried it with both the campari and the cynar. Cynar version edged out the campari version in our household. I used Pierre Ferrand dry curacao as well.