Jaguar Shark

1 12 oz Nicaraguan Rum, Flor de Caña Extra Dry (brown butter-washed)
12 oz Cachaça
34 oz Coconut liqueur, Kalani
12 oz Orange Curaçao
12 oz Lemon juice
12 oz Lime juice
12 oz Orange juice
8   Boba (tapioca pearls)
4 oz Crushed ice
Pulse blend all but boba for 5 seconds; pour un-strained into a tall glass with boba. Garnish with a paper umbrella through a lemon wheel. Serve with a wide straw.
If aged cachaca cannot be found, unaged cachaca, aged rhum agricole, or Wray & Nephew can be substituted for it; you want something funky but complex. The final drink should resemble the spotted coat of a jaguar (or more closely, a leopard).
Descending from PDT's Shark cocktail. Named in tribute to Mr. Steve Zissou.
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