Rose Window

Creme de Violette as the star! As always, feedback is greatly appreciated
1 12 oz Gin, Broker's
1 oz Campari
1 oz Crème de Violette, Rothman and Winter
34 oz Lemon juice
2 sli Pineapple
1 twst Orange peel
2 ds Orange bitters, Regans' orange bitters
1   Egg white
In a shaker, muddle pineapple, orange peel and bitters. Add remaining ingredients and dry shake for 45 seconds. Add ice and shake for 30 seconds. Double strain into a coupe.
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  • Good cocktail, but you need to like floral flavors at least a little. — ☆☆☆
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Lemon might need to be 3/4 oz - I'm fascinated by the way pineapple texturizes a drink... I also think you might be able to take this in a different direction subbing Peychauds for Regans' and a rinse of Pernod - think the whole faded violet/pastille accord.

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You might need a full ounce of lemon, but I think it'd be more of a violet sour. CdV isn't that sweet, or at least the sweetness is rather transparent. I'd like your opinion of this and the Piña Ahumado as well. 

I tasted it warm with 1/4 oz

I tasted it warm with 1/4 oz Violette, prior to the egg and liked it. As written it is a bit flat. I think the egg white is homogenizing the flavors, which makes the 1 oz of Violette tolerable. Still, a sharper cocktail would be better, and I think acid fights an egg white's dampening effects. I might try skipping the egg white (although the texture is lovely) and scaling back the Violette, or really upping the lemon, or both. Note: I'm not a huge fan of Grandma's Perfume, so a little Violette goes a long way for me.

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Yeah, I think it needs 3/4 to an ounce of lemon. I also think the egg not only homogenizes the flavors, but interferes with your ability to taste sweet and sour flavors specifically. I do appreciate your trying the drink, especially considering your proclivities towards less sweet drinks.

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With an ounce of lemon...

This is now more harmonious. It loses a bit of the texture with the higher acid, the violet isn't as prominent, and it seems to push the gin forward. But it's a good drink in a fruit basket sort of way - lots of subtle aroma and flavor and it kind of has a raspberry accord from the cherry (Campari), pineapple, lemon and violet. Interesting.

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This drink has such a unique

This drink has such a unique flavor, and is 5 stars for me. The fruit and floral notes are nicely balanced by the Campari and lemon; each delicious ingredient contributes to an even greater final product. The end result is nuanced, layered, and harmonious. I used Voyager gin.

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Christina, Glad you like it -

Christina, Glad you like it - gin, Campari and pineapple seem to be perfect matches for each other (in the way that dark rum, Cynar and lime are), but I struggle with both of those combinations - see The Riviera. It's also a great example of detailed commentary being useful. 

Since you like this, you might also try the Broken Shoe Shiner, from Beta Cocktails. 



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My to-try list keeps growing

My to-try list keeps growing :) Thanks for the suggestions. I have always skipped over recipes that list pineapple juice, figuring they would be too sweet, but I sure did like the muddled pineapple, so I will keep an open mind.