The Bedminster

A Manhattan draped in velvet...
2 14 oz Rye, Michter's
12 oz Bénédictine
12 oz Amaro Nonino
1 ds Bitters, Angostura
1 ds Peychaud's Bitters
1 twst Lemon peel
Chill a cocktail glass, add ingredients to mixing glass, add ice, stir for a slow count of 10, strain into chilled glass, squeeze oils of lemon peel on top of cocktail and then drop it in.
Spiciness of the rye is smoothed by the sweet and herbal Benedictine. Amaro and bitters add a surprising bouquet that creates a long finish.
Created to honor the town of Bedminster, NJ; the home of famed restaurant and wine cellar, The Pluckemin Inn.
From other users
  • Made with Crown Royal rye. Beautiful light amber color and nice spiciness. — ☆☆☆
  • Maybe try this with the alpine liqueur
  • Crisp/Bright for a spirit-forward cocktail. I liked it. Made with Whistlepig, might want to try with KC or Russell's next time. — ☆☆☆☆
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