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Irish whiskey, Sweet vermouth, Bitters, Herbal liqueur
JULY 21, 2010
Scotch, Fernet Branca, Sweet vermouth, Orange liqueur
JULY 20, 2010
Rye, Mezcal, Bénédictine, Sweet vermouth, Herbal liqueur, Peychaud's Bitters, Islay Scotch
JULY 18, 2010
Averna, Apricot liqueur, Lemon juice
Islay Scotch, Whole egg, Lime juice, Simple syrup, Watermelon
JULY 17, 2010
Tequila, Triple sec, Campari, Lime juice
Cachaça, Watermelon, Lime juice, Simple syrup, Mint
JULY 15, 2010
Rum, Cynar, Branca Menta, Bitters, Demerara syrup, Lime
JULY 11, 2010
Cognac, Triple sec, Lemon juice, Orange peel, Sugar
Light rum, Club soda, Simple syrup, Lime, Mint

A Spontaneous Libation for your Consideration

Venetian Spritz

4 oz Prosecco
1 spl Club soda
2 oz Aperol
1 sli Orange (as garnish)
1 Olive (as garnish)

Pour prosecco over ice. Add splash of club soda. Top with Aperol. Garnish with fat slice of orange and a green olive (no pimento).

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From the Knowledge Vault

The PDT Cocktail Book by Jim Meehan

As cocktail historian David Wondrich alludes to in his introduction to the book, Jim Meehan's The PDT Cocktail Book is aiming to be the Savoy Cocktail Book of today. This is no small task: The Savoy Cocktail Book, written by exiled American Harry Craddock while tending bar in London during Prohibition, is a unique look at the state of the cocktail circa 1930 and arguably the most famous cocktail book in history. Apart from mimicking the title, Meehan similarly includes vibrant illustrations* and devotes the bulk of the book to a massive list of recipes. What's really amazing about this ambitious goal is that he largely succeeds: The PDT Cocktail Book is the definitive guide to the modern cocktail revival, and an essential addition to every home bartender's collection.

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Recent Discussion

  • Re Ellen's Fancy, 3 days ago danoman89 commented:

    Turns out an amaro margarita works great

  • Re The Eyrie, 3 days ago Mixin In Ansley commented:

    Alpine lake.

  • Re The Raging Bull, 4 days ago pedlund commented:

    I took the Averna down to 3/4oz and bumped the aquavit to 1.5oz. Less sweet and a little more caraway forward.

  • Re Teatro, 5 days ago Craig E commented:

    Sother Teague’s cited book does indeed have this as equal parts (1 oz each), while the more recent Imbibe page citing him moves the balance away from Chartreuse which I agree does seem sensible. If I had to guess, perhaps early on he borrowed the ratio from the Bijou (which the book cites as inspiration), and more recently decided to adjust the spec. I’ve curated the recipe to conform to what appears to be the latest version.

  • Re Teatro, 5 days ago HallA commented:

    The version I found used repo tequila and different proportions (1.25 oz sweet vermouth and repo tequila, 0.5 oz chartreuse) which seems much more balanced to me. An oz of green chartreuse would be a big bully.