3⁄4 oz Cognac, Rémy Martin
3⁄4 oz Rum, Appleton V/X
3⁄4 oz Rye, Rittenhouse 100
1⁄2 oz Simple syrup (Old Fashioned Syrup)
1 twst Orange peel (as garnish)
1 Brandied cherry (as garnish)

Stir all ingredients with ice. Strain into a chilled rocks glass filled with one giant ice chunk. Garnish with orange zest and brandied cherry resting on the top of the glass.


Old Fashioned Syrup: 200 mL Bourbon or rye, 100 mL Angostura bitters, 550 mL Turbinado sugar, 5 cloves
7 allspice, 3 star anise, stir ingredients in a pot over low heat until all sugar is incorporated, let cool, strain and funnel into a sanitized bottle, add 1 oz of bourbon/rye to help preserve your syrup

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Jamie Boudreau, Canon, Seattle, WA
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From other users
  • Very tasty. Used KC 110 proof, Appleton's 12 yr, and Copper & Kings Phoenix barrel with maple syrup and a dash of Allspice Dram and chocolate bitters — ★★★★
  • Old fashioned syrup, ake Make syrup! Make cocktail!
  • Delicious. Made with Few rye, Havana Club Anejo 7 rum, Claude Chatelier XO Cognac, and Tippleman's burnt molasses sugar syrup. Great surprising smooth combo of alcohols. Bit sweet - I'd reduce Tippleman's a tipple. — ★★★★
  • Must try
  • Quite like this as an Old Fashioned riff. I approximated the syrup with a scant 1/2 oz. of turbinado syrup and a small dash of pimento dram. Like the other commenters said, this is on the sweet side. — ★★★★
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Dan commented on 10/02/2011:

Curated to fix typo in cocktail name, clarify the syrup, and format the syrup to fit Kindred Cocktails. Thanks for posting.

fantastic twist on a classic! subbed out the Appletons for Zaya 12 year, and used a Tesseron XO because that's all I had. Going to my favorite store to get some Remy becuase this one is going into rotation.

This is brilliant - so much flavour (Hennessey, Appleton 12, Rittenhouse).  Maybe a little sweet with the half of simple, but now I'm going to make the Old Fashioned syrup and try the drink in its full glory.

jaba commented on 2/07/2015:

Made this with Smith & Cross, WT 101 Rye, and Salignac Cognac. Used 1/4 oz regular double simple syrup. Still a mighty fine drink.

Made my second one with 1/4 oz. of old fashioned syrup and it was still very good.