Lazy Bear

Equal parts rum, rye, lime, honey syrup
34 oz Jamaican rum, Smith & Cross
34 oz Rye
34 oz Honey syrup (1:1 honey & water)
34 oz Lime juice
2 ds Bitters, Fee Brothers Whiskey Barrel Aged
Shake and strain into an ice-filled rocks glass.
From other users
  • added allspice dram; a little cinnamon-y. very good. — ☆☆☆☆
  • 1+ oz rum 1 oz Rye 3/4 oz honey syrup 3/4 oz lime — ☆☆☆
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Unexpectedly incredible -

Unexpectedly incredible - maybe my favorite thing to do with Smith and Cross ever. I lowered the honey syrup to 1/2 oz, which perfect worked for me.

I need to revisit this. I

I need to revisit this. I used honey and needed the full 3/8 oz to make it sweet enough for the lime. My Ryan and Wood rye didn't stand up to the Smith & Cross; I think something like Wild Turkey would have worked better. I added another 3/4 oz of rye and it worked better. I also think my generic honey was a bit milquetoast.

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Dan, not sure what proof the

Dan, not sure what proof the Ryan and Wood is (I've seen it on shelves but have yet to try any of their liquors), but I used Rittenhouse because I figured I'd need the extra proof specifically because S&C is so overpowering. I used a local honey for my syrup, and the resulting drink was pleasingly floral - you could taste the S&C, but it was merged with other things. If you used honey rather than syrup, you probably ended up with a lot of it still in the shaker...

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I have that in my

I have that in my suggestions, but I'm currently having an Orgeat identity crisis right now where I'm not crazy about homemade but I can't find the perfect store bought. Still looking for the Kassatly Chtaura Meehan recommends in PDT. Do you use homemade?

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BZA, Yeah.... my


Yeah.... my understanding is that the two best widely available orgeats are the BG Reynolds and the Small Hands versions. I make my own (the recipe I use is the one in the article), but I tend to like orange flower and rosewater more than most people ;)



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I had the small hands -

I had the small hands - brought a bottle back with me from California. It's great, but not available here and somewhat overpowering. I usually cut the amount by a dash or two in drinks like the Japanese that are Orgeat heavy. In old recipes it always seems like Orgeat was weaker and Grenadine was stronger back then...

If you don't have the Whiskey

If you don't have the Whiskey Barrel Aged Bitters you can use a 50/50 mix of ango and allspice dram. I believe that's what they use at Metrovino when they don't have access to the good stuff.