1 3⁄8 oz Rye (or Bourbon)
1⁄2 oz Ginger liqueur, King's Ginger (or Domaine de Canton)
1⁄2 t Bitters, Angostura
2 sli Ginger (or Jar well drained)
1 Maraschino cherry, Luxardo (minimal syrup)
1⁄2 sli Orange (open backwards, gently muddled)

Macerate ginger and gently pop cherry with a dash of aromatic in Old Fashioned glass.

Mix liquid ingredients in shaker over fresh ice, gently swirl/modest shake, 15-20 seconds.

Strain over single large cube, one small or up.


Optional: One solitary drop of jalapeno essence (Va Winery - Peaks of Otter's Kiss the Devil is excellent for this)


Created for the occasion of a friend's PhD!

Cocktail summary
Created by
J., 'Bar, One', Virginia
Is the
author's original creation

Inspired by Manhattan and Old Fashioned

Not yet rated
3.5 stars
(3 ratings)
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Cleaned this up a bit - removed "fresh" from the ginger - we assume all fresh ingredients are fresh. I also removed the "Any Call Brand" from the Rye - we also assume you're using high quality ingredients and that if you think any Rye will work, other people will use whatever Rye they have on hand.