Do The Right Thing

A variation on the Brooklyn Cocktail.
1 12 oz Rye, Rittenhouse 100
1 oz Apple brandy, Lairds 100 proof
23 oz CioCiaro
13 oz Dry vermouth, Dolin
1 bsp Amaretto, Disaronno
2 ds Bitters, Angostura
1 ds Orange bitters, Regans' orange bitters
1   Lemon peel
Combine all liquors in mixing glass. Fill 3/4 with ice, stir for 20 seconds. Strain into chilled coupe. Express lemon peel above glass, gently wipe rim and stem with spent peel. Twist and use for garnish.
Round, full-bodied, complex. Velvety. The high proof of the spirits used maintains the balance against some sweet and flavorful liqueurs. Much... bigger... than a Manhattan. If using a different Amaretto, might need to adjust amount.
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